Status Report Template

A status report template is used to provide accurate and comprehensive status of any project or whatever is required. It is a report in through which you can communicate your task or project accomplishment to your boss or seniors. These status reports provide an overview of the project itself, what you have accomplished and what work remains to be completed. Status report templates can be created as formal reports or as more informal communications like emails. A good status report template will not only keep your boss up to speed, but also help keep you on track with your assignments.

Also discuss the next steps you plan to take on the project, including both proposed time frames and any changes to the original project plan or budget. If you have no awareness about how to prepare a status report, you must download free status report format in order to make a best status report template. By using status report, anyone can understand following points;

1- At what level work is done

2- How much amount is used and how much is left

3- How much percentage of work is done

4- How much loss is sustained during the process of working.

5- How much further time is anticipated during which work will finish.

6- What are the areas where work is slowing down.

Status Report Template

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