Police Report

A police report template is a special kind of report that provide basic information about an event related to police. Usually it includes FIR (First investigation report), SVR (Spot visit report) CHR (Case History Report) LIR (Last Investigation Report) and Decision report. It is a written document contains details of any crime or accident for law enforcement. Filing a police report template helps law enforcement officials locate and apprehend criminals, find stolen property and track crime trends in your area. Reports typically name the victim of a crime, witnesses who might have information needed to investigate the matter, the classification of the offence, and other relevant data. This has to be done with a level of detail that allows a proper investigation. If you are writing a police report you must Include statements from victims and witnesses. The statements must be verbatim to what a witness or victim said. Accident reports commonly include a diagram of the accident scene to determine who might be at fault.

Police Report Template

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