Attendance List

An attendance list or attendance sheet is a simple document which is used for tracking attendance at classrooms, meetings, and works. Somebody attendance at an event or institution state that they are present at the event or go consistently to their institution. The attendance at an event gives the accurate number of people who are present at it. In case of school the attendance list plays a vital role in the success of student. Students with good attendance records normally achieve better and higher grades then others. On other hand the student who has poor attendance will have lower grades and in fact they will drop out from school.

Generally attendance list is used to keep track of students or employees in different organizations. A complete attendance list will develop a good indication in the behavior of the individual to attend all classes on time that will boldly a good habit in work routines in addition to studies. Attendance to work virtue contains sticking to work schedules, being ready to work start on given time and complete their duties on time. When a manger or supervisor check your assume or CV they may ask about your attendance and sometime most qualified candidate can lose out because of their poor attendance.

Attendance list template

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